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At American Diabetic Exchange we buy your unopened diabetic test strips. The exchange process is simple and you get your cash fast. We have a customer first policy meaning we communicate every step of the exchange and work double time to get cash in your pockets quickly.

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How it Works

In the world of diabetes, patients end up with a surplus of test strips often. That’s where we come in. At American Diabetic Exchange, we buy your overstock of unopened diabetic test strips. We have developed a method that gets you payment quickly at competitive prices. Interested? See the no hassle process below.

Take a look at our list of brands that we purchase here. See your brand? Awesome. Let’s continue.

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Click our Sell Your Strips button below to follow the easy 3 step process that includes telling us what brand you have to sell, your preferred payment method, and your address for a prepaid shipping label. At this point, we will give you a competitive quote for what we will pay for your strips.

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Mail us your supplies using the free shipping label. Once we receive your test strips we will send payment! We weren’t lying when we said no hassle.

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Common Mistakes That Result in No Payment
and Nobody Wants That

  • Confusing retail boxes with not for retail NFR or (mail order only) boxes. For most brands we still buy NFR mail orders but we pay less. So you may still get paid, but not as much as you were expecting. However on some brands we do not buy NFR boxes so you may not get paid at all. It’s important you know which one you have. Also just because a box was originally shipped does not mean it is NFR. It will be clearly printed somewhere on the box if it is NFR or Mail Order.
  • Improper packaging, USPS is not always super gentle with the boxes they ship so it’s important to put some sort of padding inside the box to cushion and preserve your diabetic test strips. You can use bubble wrap for this if you have some or really just anything soft and lightweight. A lot of people stuff the excess space with old Walmart grocery bags, those work just fine for padding. If the boxes are damaged in transit due to improper packaging we cannot buy them.
  • Trying to remove the RX label yourself. This usually damages the box and makes it unusable. We have the proper tools to remove the RX label without damage, please let us do that.
  • Not calculating the expiration date correctly. If the expiration date on a box is below the shortest expiration date we can accept we cannot pay for it. You must calculate the amount of months left by subtracting the month you are shipping from the month the box expires. For example if you are shipping in October of 2020 there are two months left in 2020 so the expiration date must be at least 7 months (July) into 2021.
  • We WILL NOT pay for boxes that arrive expired, opened, stained in any way, including marker or pen ink. Please DO NOT ship supplies that are expired or opened or that don’t match your quote submission. PLEASE NOTE: All rejected boxes WILL NOT be returned.

Test Strip Calculator

Use our calculator to see our competitive pricing for your diabetic test strips.

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Get Money For your Test Strips

American Diabetic Exchange

Some call it fate, some may call it happenstance, but no matter how you view it, the story of how I came into this company is fun to tell. Life hasn’t been easy, and I found myself heading down the wrong path until I discovered God. I turned my life around and became passionate about blog writing to share the great works and theology behind my spirituality.

This is where the story gets interesting. One day I had a man message me on Facebook sharing his story of how his wife came across my blog and my words spoke to her and helped her find God. This is something he had been trying to do for years. He was so grateful that he wanted to offer me the opportunity to take over a business that he had started. I had made a few posts on Facebook about looking for a job, and this was an answer to my prayers.

American Diabetic Exchange was born in 2017. This business is rewarding on all facets of it from turning the surplus supplies into cash for customers to turning the supplies over to Diabetics at a lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to sell my diabetic test strips?

Yes, absolutely! Diabetic test strips are an over the counter product and as such can legally be bought and sold by anyone. For a longer more detailed answer to this question please read my blog “Is it legal to sell diabetic test strips.”

What brands of diabetic test strips can I sell?

You can view the current list of brands we buy at our price calculator. The boxes must be unopened, sealed and have an expiration date at least 9 months from today unless otherwise indicated on our price calculator.

How can I be sure you’ll pay me after I’ve shipped the boxes?

We here at ADE know that if you have extra boxes now, you’ll probably have extra boxes again, and again, and again and would like to continue buying those extra boxes from you for years to come. The little bit of money we would “save” by not paying you now, is nothing compared to the profit we could both make together by both of us working to build trust and respect over the course of our hopefully very long lived business relationship. In short ADE is in business to stay in business, not to make a quick buck.

Why do I have to ship my boxes before you will pay me?

Unfortunately, sometimes people will ship boxes other than what was described, IE damaged, expired, or open boxes that we cannot pay for. As soon as we have received and inspected your boxes we will work to pay you ASAP. We understand you want your money right away.

Am I guaranteed to get the same price that was quoted on the price calculator?

Yes assuming the box you ship us matches the box you entered into our price calculator, IE if you said it was a retail box of One Touch Ultra and you don’t ship us a “Not For Retail” box. Also the box must have an expiration date at least 9 months out, and be in like new condition. If the box has a shorter than 9 months expiration date, or it is dinged (small dents, creases very small tears) or damaged (broken seal, heavily dented, cuts, stains, large tears etc.) we may still buy the box but for as much as 50% less than quoted or we may possibly reject it altogether if the date is too short or the damage too extensive.

This is also why it is very important that you package boxes properly with plenty of padding (anything to cushion the boxes, even a bunch of wadded up plastic bags will do) and that you don’t try to remove RX labels yourself. Most damage occurs as the result of people trying to remove RX labels without the proper tools or skills. If you are concerned about private information please use a felt tipped marker like a sharpe (not a pen please, a pen can cause creases in the box) to black out that information. Please be careful not to get any ink on the box itself.

How long after shipping the boxes will I be paid?

It typically takes 5 to 7 business days for your boxes to arrive after you’ve shipped. We understand you want this money as soon as possible so immediately upon arrival we will inspect your boxes and then pay you within 24 hours. Either through Paypal, or shipping a money order to the address you have provided. We are also willing to pay via Cash App.

Does ADE buy boxes with a pharmacy prescription sticker or label on the box?

Yes, in fact if there is an RX label like this on the box please do not try to remove this label yourself. We do not buy damaged boxes and most damage occurs when people try to remove the labels themselves without the proper tools or skills to do so.

What does ADE do with the boxes and does this help anyone?

We buy your extra boxes to resell them at a discount to people who are under insured and simply cannot afford the ridiculously high retail prices. We also sell some of them to small independent pharmacies. For a longer more detailed answer to this question please read my blog “Who Wins when people sell their extra diabetic supplies.”

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